MusikMesse 2001, Frankfurt, Germany, Page 3

Testing,, two, three...check...check...

The Line 6 area was very, very cool.   Check out the "leaning posts" with the headphones.  The stage features two Line 6 stacks, a POD Pro Bass Rig, a set of electronic drums, and a keyboard rig.

When I first saw this I didn't know what to expect, but it did look cool. 

Rebel, rebel....

We walked around for a while, and when we came back, Rock Icon Earl Slick had taken the stage.  Jamming on a wild Burns of London guitar, Earl was rocking out at zero volume!  All you could hear is the drummer slamming a crash pad about every 8 bars, and that was just a dull thud.

However, the sound out of the phones was just incredible, and it didn't disturb the neighbors!

Bravo, Mr. Slick -- by the way....Mr. Slick is a true rock legend.   Check out his work with David Bowie, et al.

I'm not worthy....

Did we mention that Gibson had a killer display?

Check out these Les Pauls.  Did I mention we have a natural weakness for mahogany and flame maple?  I thought so....

How many tubes does this thing have?

Not every bassist is cool enough to tame a rig like this one -- a classic SVT and a Dan Armstrong Lucite Bass.  These are some killer reissues we found at the St. Louis Music booth.

We were afraid to turn this one on because we didn't have proper hearing protection. I've been in a band with one of these beasts, and it is great, albeit intimidating experience. 

Will the owner of the red Impala with Arizona plates....

The Roland area took up nearly an entire floor, and it was probably the single most impressive display. 

Tons of keyboards, recording gear, and headphones for listening!

Will this run on my old Commodore 64?  No?

A Roland Studio Pack.  I continue to be impressed with computer-based recording.  This rig features a PCI card and a little mixer which controls the software.  While the pack doesn't come with the speakers (darn), this is a good setup to start recording on the computer.

What is a mixer?  What is an effect?  Who are you?

Check out Cubase and the Roland E-8.   The E-8 plugs into your computer's USB port, and has everything you need to start jamming.  With support for ASIO drivers and some killer effects, this is a good way to get into computer recording.  In addition, you can take the E-8 on the road for use with a notebook.  The Roland guy was very helpful, and understood his product.  What a concept!

We also had the opportunity to check out the new Cubase VST 5/32.  The demo is killer, and it represents a true leap in software technology!

By the way -- we couldn't get ProTools Free to run on our computer.   From what we've seen on the Internet, we aren't alone!

Take the picture and shut up!

A couple of guys resting by the Schnell Imbiss.  Quick -- which one is the American tourist?

People resting was a very common site at the Messe. 

We walked many a kilometer to get the "skinny" on the new guitar stuff!

Vanille-Eis!  I'm from the streets!

A teenage dirtbag?  Kid Rock?  Grand Master Flash? Eminem?  Yngwie?

No...two turntables and a microphone...

There was lots and lots of DJ stuff at the show -- vinyl may still have a future!

Thanks for checking out our MusikMesse coverage.  Keep checking back for more photos and commentary.


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