MusikMesse 2001, Frankfurt, Germany

The GuitarAttack crew traveled to Frankfurt, Germany for the gargantuan MusikMesse 2001.  MusikMesse is the European version of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, which is the annual meeting of manufacturers and retailers.  Tons of everything musical, from computers to guitars to tambourines, could be found in the cavernous halls of the Frankfurt Congress Hall.  For those of you who have been to a NAMM show before, trust us when I say that this show made them look small.  If you haven't been to a NAMM before, trust us when we say "sensory overload."

We attended the show with Mr. Ken Huddleston of KK's Music in Tennessee, USA.  Ken had a great time, and got some great product information at the show.

We've included some of photos and descriptions of our favorite products on these pages.  Be advised -- these probably represent about 1% of the total products available at the show.  Also be advised that there was a full compliment of wacky, weird, and unusable products, in our opinion.  We'll spare you these, but may post them on the Interesting Guitars page in the future.

Hey John...nice shirt....was this planned?

The highlight of the show for John was meeting Mr. Henry Juszkiewicz, President of Gibson (shown here on the right)!  He was very kind and immediately agreed to the photo.

For those not in the know, Mr. Juszkiewicz saved Gibson, and has been responsible for, in my opinion, producing some of the greatest Gibson guitars in history.  Thanks!

G'day, mate.... Straight from Nashville and Mr. Juszkiewicz we have a huge stable of killer Gibsons.

Here are two of my favorite guitars from two of my favorite players -- the Gary Moore Les Paul on the left, and the Angus Young SG on the right. 

The guitars were just awesome -- the Gibson finishes keep getting better.

My little woman from Tokyo!!!

A wall 'o Ibanez guitars.  These guitars were very, very nice, and Ibanez had a great display area.

Interesting note -- I used to play a Paul Stanley Iceman in my old metal days.  A great instrument.  Dude!

The Artist (third down with vintage sunburst) is a great instrument, as well.  1970's and 80's versions of these instruments are selling very high on eBay right now, and they should be -- solid wood, great Japanese craftsmanship, and nice finishes. 

My advice is to find one of the older cherry sunburst models -- they are out there and they are killer!

For those about to rock!!!!

That great Gretsch sound!

Check out the guitar on the left -- yes, AC/DC fanatics, a Malcolm Young model.  A true blunt instrument, this is a single purpose, RPG-7 of a guitar. 

These were only a couple of the beautiful Gretsch guitars at the show.   Very well done.

You can have any color you want, as long as it is blonde.

The Fender booth was jam packed with guitars and amps.  It was the first booth -- er, area, that visitors saw and ran into when entering the guitar hall.

This is one of the cooler products at the booth -- a big guitar stand for up to seven guitars.

I wonder if the Teles are included?  As if...


Dean is back!  I remember attending the NAMM shows back in the 1980s, and Dean always had plenty of Dean Girls hanging around the booth, signing autographs.

No girls at their booth in Frankfurt, but the classic Deans really looked great.

Tommy Rocks!

Lots of commotion at the Hughes & Kettner booth!  Both of these guitars are customs from Tommy's Guitar Shop in Viersen, Germany.

These are the guitars I talk about a great deal, and they really looked great.

By the way -- Tommy had several guitars at the Mesa Boogie booth -- see the next page.

Viva KKs!!!

Mr. Huddleston playing an unidentified chord on a killer Gibson Goldtop.  The quality on this instrument was great, and I love the P-90s.

As a side note, this instrument was reportedly seen in the presence of both Dickie Betts and Archie Whitebread.  More to follow....


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