MusikMesse 2001, Frankfurt, Germany, Page 2

Dude...The Dweez rocks!

Peavey had a great area, and the new Dweezil Zappa amp, the Wiggy, was very, very cool.  The controls are kind of wacky (the turn signals light up when you are on the boost channel), but it really sounds great.  I think it looks cool, too.

The links below are to two MPEG video clips of JW jamming on a Wolfgang through the Wiggy.  Check them out.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Wo est die Lautstarke?

An unidentified goon checking out the new Mesa Boogie....(drum roll)...Triple Rectifier Amp.

The flames are appropriate for this rig.  Not for the timid.

It was our understanding that you had to sign a waiver to play through this amp at the show.  The document specified that players couldn't sue Mesa Boogie for the Triple Rec triggering extreme Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

This amp probably is inappropriate for California due to the massive power consumption.

Hey...where is the digital knob?

The new Fender CyberTwin was pretty cool.   A modeling amps with moving knobs, the CyberTwin is clearly aimed at the endless array of digital hybrid amps out there. 

It sounded great through the headphones, but the ambient noise at the Messe, like NAMM, is so loud that it makes it difficult to hear an amp at normal volume. 

Did I mention the volume of cigarette smoke?

And you are? For you amp connoisseurs out there, check out these Bogners.

This booth should have had a sign that said "If you have to ask if you can play it, afford it, and talk about it, you shouldn't be here."

I would love to have one of these.  It would be great to taunt other guitarists with!

RU Ready to Rock

Where is Spinal Tap when you need them?

Marshall had a great area, and they had a number of new amplifiers.  The gave out the great Bluesbreaker posters, and had  some great displays.

However, this display wasn't really set up to listen -- it was more about looking!

Crank it up, homeboy!

Enough said.  We didn't get a chance to hear this one, but it sure looked ready for some metal.  The Jackson guitar next to it helped set the stage.

There was a rail with headphones ringing this rig, but we never saw a demo.


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