The Spare Parts Les Paul
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Well...the odyssey is about over.   We finally finished this guitar.  For a project started in 1997, then put on hiatus for nearly three years, we are extremely satisfied with the results.  A couple of notes:  First, We had to cut a custom switch plate (out of a second big plate purchased from WD Music) because of the oblong shape, and it turned out great; second, we used push-in bushings on the tuners for a more vintage look; third, we originally had amber knobs installed, but the gold ones look so much better.

Check out our photos below, and we hope you enjoy them. careful what you buy on eBay!


parts_front2.jpg (151376 bytes)

parts_front.jpg (168769 bytes)

parts_back.jpg (216380 bytes)

parts_head.jpg (157189 bytes)

partstop.jpg (221304 bytes)
Keep checking back...we put black covers on the back and we are going to install some chrome or nickel covers on the pickups!
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