The Spare Parts Les Paul
Page 5 is about done now.  The wetsanding and buffing process went well, from our perspective, and we believe the guitar is going to look great.  We are now in the process of wiring the rig up and getting the hardware ready to place on the guitar.

Safety Tip:  Sand and buff the guitar, the let it sit for a day.  Look at the guitar again with a critical eye, and you'll find some places you missed.  Do not hurry this stage.

We normally wait about a week to put the hardware on the guitar.  The finish is still pretty soft after buffing, and we let the guitar sit inside on a stand to dry out a little more.

Safety Tip:  Don't place a nitro-finished guitar on a regular guitar stand.  We got pipe insulation from Lowe's -- it looks like round, gray, foam -- and placed it over the stand (you can see it in the picture).   We got this safety tip from a shop in Texas, and it really works great.  Be careful with that new finish!


Again, we believe this is going to be a great looking guitar, and beware of what you buy on eBay.

UPDATE: Check out the finished product on Page 6!


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