What is an AttackBucker?


An AttackBucker is a custom wound, dual coil guitar pickup built exclusively by John Williams of www.guitarattack.com.  Developed over a period of years through a process littered with countless prototypes, the design is based on the great pickup designs of the 1950s and 1960s.  The AttackBucker has two black coils, no cover, and a vintage-style 2-conductor lead.

What does it do?

The AttackBucker was developed to help guitarists produce a tone similar to that described as a “brown sound” made famous in the 1970s.  Coupled with the right amp or simulation, the AttackBucker can make a guitar sound like an “eruption” and scream, “Somebody get me a doctor!”

Does it sound like other pickups?

No.  While it is still a humbucker, most find the AttackBucker is a little noisier than a standard humbucker, but not to the level of a single coil pickup.  However, users are impressed with its clarity and its ability to help the guitar cut through the mix.

Want to hear it?  Here is a sound clip of the pickup in action.  We recorded this file directly into our computer using a TASCAM US-224 with Cakewalk SONAR software.   The amp?  A "bean-shaped" POD V.2, dialed up to manual with the Brit HiGain model with the Delay/Compressor combo for effects.  You may recognize some of the songs...they are for illustration only.  There were no other effects used.

Click here to download the approx. 2 meg file.  We recommend that you right click on the link and save it on your device.

We can email you a more detailed sound demonstration...shoot us an email.

What kind of wire do you use?  What kind of magnet?  Spacers?

We use a special magnet wire in our pickups, and we also have our magnets specially made.  We hand-cut our select maple spacers with dimensions like the old PAFs.

We personally make every AttackBucker and it is an item that is special, difficult to make, and all about quality.  We put them through a "torture test" before they are shipped, and John personally plays each one through an amp using a test guitar.  If that is not what you want,please check out the pickups on eBay buy a mass-produced pickup at Guitar Center or Musician's Friend.

Because the shop is so busy, nobody here is interested in participating in a "reverse auction" where you email and tell us that you can get a pickup from Hong Kong which costs $10 that is just as good as an AttackBucker.

You can be assured that the pickup is built with high quality parts tailored to achieve a specific sound.  There is a lot of hype floating around the internet about certain characteristics of certain pickups and their components.  Based on solid research, the majority of it is just that -- hype.

Is the AttackBucker for everyone?

Just about...Most customers buying AttackBuckers are building replica guitars similar to the black and white S-Style guitars made famous in the late 1970s by a popular rock band from Southern California.  If you are into a super down-tuned sludge tone, or play in a mopey emo band, this pickup is probably not for you.  However, we have had a number of customers installing AttackBuckers in Les Pauls - both bridge and neck positions -and they love them.

How do I get one?

Contact Williams Guitars at WilliamsGuitars@aol.com to order.  Each pickup is hand wound, one at a time, and turnaround times are usually two to four weeks.  Contact us for pricing, and we prefer PayPal for payments.

Are there any options?

Not for the base AttackBucker.  String spacing is a standard 1 15/16”.  We don’t make these for 7-strings, nor do we make them as F-spaced pickups.  The AttackBucker is only available with black coils without covers.  However, if there is something special you are considering, contact us to see if it is possible.  We build a number of "one-off" pickups and like the challenge.  We’ve seen a number of combinations concerning pickup features, and you may just have the next great idea.

What if I don’t like it?

Tell us why you don’t like it and we’ll work something out.  We want you to be satisfied with your pickup. 

We've been building AttackBuckers for nearly 10 years and we've never had one returned because the customer didn't like the tone.  We can guarantee you that this pickup, as part of a quality signal chain, will help you attain that mythical sound. 

Thanks for your time, and ROCK ON!


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