Welcome to the Pickup Project page!  This page is dedicated to our winder, guitar pickups, and general electronic techniques. 

Click on the links below to see what we've done so far.

Page 13 Learn about the AttackBucker pickup
Page 12 Winding pickups "Guerilla Style"
Page 11 Custom FM TV Humbuckers in a P-90 Cover!
Page 10 Repairing a single coil pickup from a Stratocaster
Page 9 Repairing a 1963 Gibson Patent Number Humbucker
Page 8 Rebuilding a pair of Epiphone Humbuckers
Page 7 Adding a counter to the Attack Winder
Page 6 The Attack Test Guitar
Page 5 The Attack Gaussmeter
Page 4 Repairing a Gibson Mini-Humbucker
Page 3 Making the first functioning Attack Pickup
Page 2 Winding the first pickup
Page 1 Basic winder construction and modifications to the Lollar design