Summer NAMM 2003 -   Nashville, Tennessee -- Page 2

Yes, folks....Bootsy Collins and Elmo.  We aren't sure what the significance of this photo is, but we can assure you we never, in a million years, would have guessed that these two cultural icons would show up in the same place...particularly with that place being the NAMM Show.

A new kids show?  A new funk album?  A new funky children's album?    Who knows.  When we figure it out we'll let you know. 


Mr. Ken Huddleston with Fender icon, Mr. Bill Carson.  Mr. Carson was in large part responsible for the design of the Stratocaster, and has worked for Fender for years.

Ken sort of looks like Bill's Mini-Me.  Viva Bill!

Mr. Ken with Mr. Jim Marshall, Father of the Stack.  Mr. Marshall is a rock icon, and his impact on rock and metal cannot be quantified in traditional terms.

Ken was heard muttering "I'm not worthy" after the meeting.


Unidentified Rock Goon with two hotties from the Schecter booth.  These babes look like they were genetically engineered at a secret Government lab, and the fellow in the middle is looking a little giddy.

NAMM shows always have great looking babes, normally at the Dean Guitar Booth.  What's not to like? Viva NAMM!


What trip to Tennessee would be complete without a moonshine still to spice up your life?  Here is a representation of the real thing trying to make this booth look folksy and down-home for the Chinese guys sitting in it.

Nashville is still a cool place for the NAMM show, but it is a bad place for tourists.  It is our understanding that NAMM will move out of Nashville after next year's show.  Too bad for us, but it is probably good news for NAMM. 

See you next year!



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