Summer NAMM 2003 -   Nashville, Tennessee

The GuitarAttack crew traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the gala National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show.  The NAMM Show is the annual meeting of manufacturers and retailers.  Everything musical could be found in the Nashville Convention Center and Arena. As usual, this year's correspondent was Mr. Ken Huddleston of KK's Music in Tennessee.

Unlike some other sites, we are posting information on products that we liked, rather than a comprehensive look at everything.  We also believe that the products we liked will be in the interest of our Guitarattack visitors. 

Click on the photos below to see full-size versions.


A cool Gibson guitar and even cooler Chevrolet SS.  What we thought was even cooler was the hood of the Vette in the foreground...we believe it is a 1963 model based on the hood grilles.

Yet another specialty guitar from the CNC machines at Gibson.   Will anyone actually play one of these rigs?  Maybe they should give them away with a new Chevy SS.


Two "art guitars" for your viewing pleasure.

First, on the left, is an Epi version of Mr. Clapton's "The Fool" SG/Les Paul.  This is a replica of the SG he played on the Disraeli Gears album in 1967.  Very 60's...very groovy.   Not sure many in the Creed/ Godsmack generation will get it.  Always plenty of old guys around to snap this stuff up, though. 

On the right is a killer ESP flag guitar.  Thomas Horlander would love this rig, and we hope he doesn't ask us to build one like it!   Very creative...very cool.


It must be NAMM if there are Strats with new paint jobs.  Here is the new "Splatter" paint which, like the previous SG, is very groovy in a tie-dye kind of way.

I don't know about you guys, but the dizzying array of Strat models and features is sort of confusing.  Look at a Fender catalog, then think back when there were only about two options on one model!

We continually ask Ken, a Fender dealer, how he responds when a customer comes in and says, "Yes...I want a Strat."

Straight out of Rossville, Georgia comes the killer Warrior Guitar line.  Very tasty woods and cool paint jobs.

Check them online at

 We hope this company continues to be successful.


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