Winter NAMM

Anaheim, California

January 2003

The GuitarAttack Crew traveled to SoCal for the gala National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show.  The NAMM Show is the annual meeting of manufacturers and retailers.

Our man on the scene is Mr. Ken Huddleston of KK's Music in Tennessee.  He tried to get some demo software...not much on hand at the show.

Unlike some other sites, we are posting information on products that we liked, rather than a comprehensive look at everything.  We also believe that the products we liked will be in the interest of our GuitarAttack visitors.  So, check the photos out, and keep checking back!

Uuuhh..please make way for Mr. Head....

Yes, folks....Buckethead and Bootsy Collins.   We aren't sure what the significance of this photo is...we'll let you know when we figure it out.  Note the goon clearing the be a rock star!

Wasn't Buckethead in Guns 'n Roses?  Remember them?   You always have to have an entourage!

I support American China.

Made in is Mr. KK and Zakk with Mr. Peavey. 

Hartley was reportedly heard saying..."Remember a guy named Van Halen?   He used to make really killer music, and this was a guitar he designed."  See "killer top" Wolfgang on Page 2...

(We'll take heat for that one....)


Mr. Zakk with a couple of Dean Girls.   No...neither is named J Lo.(Click it!)

The Dean Girls were a staple at the early NAMMs we attended in the days...too bad we didn't have digital cameras back then.

Mr. Zakk will remember this will Dad.


It must be NAMM if Michael Angelo is shredding.

We've seen this guy everywhere, and he is still at it.

Yes, he can shred, and he is a nice fellow.  This is what people played like prior to the complete takeover by flannel shirts and the "feeling sorry for ourselves" crowd.  Viva Michael!

Click here to see an MPEG movie of his shred moves...if you dare!



A rep from Peavey?  Michael Angelo's manager?  Sam Ash?

No folks....this is Buck Dharma, aka Don Roeser, lead guitarist for the legendary arena rockers Blue Öyster Cult.

Back in the day nobody could touch this guy on guitar, and he is still on the list of Guitarattack All-Time Favorites.

Great phrasing, super speed, and all around tasteful playing is what you get with Buck.  Did we also mention the lasers?



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