1993 Gibson Les Paul  "Jeff Beck Tribute"

Mr. Beck, Dominator of the Guitar Universe...

Completion Date: December 2002

Body:  Mahogany body, maple cap -- standard Les Paul Standard.

Neck:  One-piece mahogany.  '59 Les Paul profile.  Rosewood fingerboard.

Pickups:  Two standard Gibson USA PAFs.  The wiring is standard Les Paul.

Finish:  Black nitrocellulose lacquer with clear lacquer topcoats.

Brief Description: This guitar was in an absolutely trashed state when I received it.  I bought the guitar from a pawnbroker friend of mine that had taken it on a trade. The neck was cracked, the headstock had a huge crack in it, a Kahler Flyer tremolo had been installed, and whomever tried to fix it did a very second-tier job.  I brought this guitar back from the dead.  Because I had to plug the Kahler hole, I decided to make a Les Paul that look like the one played by my idol, Jeff Beck.  While the guitar is not "ox-blood" brown, I believe it looks a great deal like the Les Paul on "Blow By Blow" and "Wired."  Oh by the way…it sounds great.


Trivia Question:

On which Jeff Beck album cover did these four photos appear?


Blue Wind

Led Boots

Goodbye Porkpie Hat Love is Green

Here is a photo of the actual "oxblood" Les Paul.   Note the position of the bridge humbucker.  I believe this is because the front of the pickup cavity is actually the front of the original P-90 cavity.  Note how the pickguard doesn't line up with the pickup ring.  We chose not to go this route!

Click here for a full description of the building process.

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