Welcome to GuitarAttack, the site for aspiring guitar builders and repairers who are trying to learn more about the trade.  We are also here to help guitar players adjust and repair their own guitars.  Most important, please don't forget that guitars are made for playing!

The concept of GuitarAttack has been working since I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old -- over 40+ years ago (has it been that long?) -- and it gained definition when I was in high school.  I took my guitars to be worked-on and I was always disappointed with the quality of the repairs. I always assumed I was too under skilled to execute good repairs, and I continued to take my prized guitars to "guitar repairers" (they considered themselves luthiers, I suppose) because I felt that I had no alternative.

The final straw came in 1995 when I had a fret job done on my favorite SG, a 1968 Special. When I received the guitar, the neck was a mess and it was covered in fingerprints and funk — definitely not to my standard! I could actually still see the slots under several of the poorly cut and seated frets. I decided that day that since I was a dedicated guitarist (who really likes classic rock) I would also dedicate some time to learning what it takes to build and repair guitars.  Out of this experience came the original FM1 guitar (and a new fret job for the SG).  

The GuitarAttack concept continued to evolve until went online in December, 1998.  I built this website to document my adventures in guitar building.  Remember that this was before blogs, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, get the picture....I had to start a website!  Over these years the site has continued to grow and evolve, and has steadily attracted more visitors.  No, we don't sell anything other than t-shirts, coffee mugs, and several albums of original music.  This site is a hobby -- not a commercial venture -- and is dedicated to the guitar:  building, repairing, playing, and discussing.  Right...we do a lot of work on pickups, too, but this is not an internet storefront.

Please don't ask us to build you a replica guitar -- we won't even consider it!  I eventually plan to sell my guitars and repair on a more regular basis.  In the meantime, I'll continue to learn as much as I can about the guitar and share it with you here.  New items are being added (or old ones improved) as time permits.  Our webmaster has a full-time job and routinely works more than 50 hours per week!

Note:  All items presented on this site are for personal use only.  In most cases, the original copyright holder still maintains legal rights.  If you attempt to illegally use anything on this site, you could be subject to civil or criminal penalties.  Although you are not legally required to do so, we ask that you provide a hyperlink to this site if you use any of our items on your site.

I trust you will enjoy the site, and respectfully ask that you check back often. Click here to send me your feedback.

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