1968 Gibson SG Special

Lead Pickup:  Early 80's Gibson "Dirty Fingers"; Rhythm Pickup:  Late 70's Dimarzio PAF.  Bridge:  Leo Quan "BadAss".  Remember that goofy tremolo (like the ones on the Historic Reissues)?  It's in the case with the P-90s! 

Check out Buck Dharma from BÍC on the right -- very cool SG!  He was the inspiration for my buying this guitar.  My initial plan was to refinish it in white like Buck's, but it turned out I didn't have the money to have it done properly.

This SG was my main stage axe during my college music days, this great old guitar has received more than its fair share of abuse.  Yes, it does sound great, particularly through my old 50-watt Marshall!

Agents of Fortune!