No one can remember exactly how the subject of double neck guitars came up.  Perhaps it was at Karaoke Night at the club...or during a dart outing...or during one of our numerous cookouts...or maybe that Halloween Party...  We do recall that it had something to do with "Stairway to Heaven" and "2112".

Whatever the case, the specter of the doubleneck would not quit dogging the GuitarAttack Crew.   What started out as a relatively simple, "Hey...let's build a guitar" turned into a colossal, "do you think this will work" project of epic proportions.  While the project is just underway, this will keep the GuitarAttack Crew busy for a while.

Check out the photos below, and click on them for a full size version (see them up close).

Here is a nice family photo of the guilty parties.  On the left is Tom with his SG-style body.  On the right is John with his FM style body.

The stars are inlayed Aspen on Black Walnut.  The stripes are red cedar and maple.  Yes, the stripes go all the way through the body.  Tom made the bodies, and it was his vision that turned out these masterpieces of ingenious woodworking.

The plan is to put maple necks on the guitars, with a 12 string on top and a 6 string on the bottom.

Boy, it sure is cold out here.....

Here is Tom's guitar with the classic SG shape of a Gibson doubleneck.

And she's buying...the heaven....

Here is the GuitarAttack guitar with the cutaways from the FM series.

We are the priests....

The next task is to get the necks finished...check out Page 2!
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