Guitar Show 2000:   Duiven, The Netherlands

The GuitarAttack crew traveled to Duiven, The Netherlands for a great guitar show on Sunday, April 16, 2000.  Billed as the "Dutch Guitar and Amps Master-Builders Exhibition", this display was very nice and tastefully done. I've included some photos of the exhibition and hope you enjoy them. 

The show featured a large number of guitar builders, and an equally large number of amp builders.  The CGOC building in Duiven was pretty full for the show, but it was well laid-out and pretty comfortable.  I didn't personally buy anything but I made a number of contacts.

As I've said before I am really enjoying the European guitar scene.  I've met some great luthiers and players over here. 

Make mine ceramic.... "Hey dude...what do those EMGs sound like?"   Well, with a rig like this you can find out.  What you have here is a Mexican Strat with the lower edge of the body routed out.  The pickguards in the little rack to the right contain a dizzying array of pickups.  You can slip one of the pickguards into the Strat without changing the strings.  Note the jack on the pickguard -- very ingenious.

This is a great idea for selling pickups and allowing local guitar slingers to test the waters prior to buying.  We know that sound is not merely a function of pickups, but this is clearly better than keeping your pickups in a case and referring to a review in Guitar Player to determine how pickups sound!

Dad...these are nicer than your guitars... From Charlee Guitars is a huge array of Thinline Teles.  Matthew found this herd while looking for a Coke machine.
Killer tops, Dude.... These are Rose Guitars, and they a really beautiful.  It is interesting that the rig in the middle has a Wilkinson tremolo and locking keys, while the other two have a traditional Les Paul setup.  

The workmanship on these guitars is just great, and they look stunning.

By the way -- how much flame maple is there on earth?

Hearing protection required.

From Ert comes these CWL amps.  I was particularly impressed by massive tubes and transformers in the rig below.   These are hand-built, and sound very AC30/Twin like.

These are really loud amps and built like tanks.  They assured me they would have a web site up soon.  Keep checking back.

Doubles as a fitness device.

Attention Mr. Chinery.... A couple of really nice archtops.   Note the wood chips to the right.  The grand European luthiery traditional is alive and well, and these guitars sounded fantastic.
Jasper in his shop. This is Jasper Boerma from Arnhem, NL.  A veritable ad for Stewart-MacDonald, Jasper was impressed that I was familiar with the Stew-Mac neck jig.

This guy is a luthier, and he said he would teach me how to French Polish.

Check out his site at

Make mine humbucking, please....

One of the more cryptic, bizarre things seen at this show was a pickup winder built from an old cassette deck.  The builder wouldn't allow me to take a photo of it, but this is a representation drawn from memory.  

He claimed it worked "great" and allowed him to rewind pickups "expertly" for customers.  Mr. Lollar, take note....

Did you take it yet? Matthew in front of a cool sculpture in Duiven.  I originally thought it was the headstock of an old Veleno, but Matthew set me straight.

Duiven is a beautiful town southeast of Arnhem.   The drive back to Germany was just beautiful.  If you get a chance, visit The Netherlands.

One break...comin' up!  

The McDonalds in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.  The town is pronounced "Ny Megen", and you may remember it from your World War II history lessons as the site of Operation Market Garden in 1944.   The reason I added this photo is because this is the cleanest, most orderly McDonalds I've ever visited, and I am a long-term McDonalds junkie.  To sum it up:  Great customer service, great food, and a courteous staff -- what a concept.

As an American I am used to rude counter personnel and poor service.  When I get good service I am shocked!

Every "service industry professional" in the United States could learn a lesson from visiting this restaurant.  Is your shop optimized for customer service?  Do people sense quality when they walk through the door?



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