Guitar Show 2000:  
Veenendaal, The Netherlands

The GuitarAttack crew trekked to Veenendaal, The Netherlands for a great guitar show on Saturday, March 18, 2000.  Hey...if we couldn't attend the ASIA symposium in Nashville, we would have to settle for some guitar delights!  I've included some photos of the show, and hope you enjoy them. 

The show featured a huge number of guitars.  It was incredibly crowded and smoky in the hall, but overall the show was pretty enjoyable.   I didn't personally buy anything, but I made a number of contacts in the guitar business.


Dude...are you familiar with Machine Head?

Yes Ladies and Gents...a Ritchie Blackmore Strat!  For the uninitiated, this beast sports Duncan Quarter Pounders, black plastic, and a scalloped fingerboard.  This one was immaculate, and the price was about right.  Straplocks are included! 

By the way -- it is legal in most EU countries for guitarists to play "Smoke on the Water" in music stores when handling this particular guitar.

GuitarAttack's very own Matthew standing next a killer group of archtops.  No...Those aren't real New Yorkers, but masterful replicas!  The New Yorkers weren't for sale; they were made for demo purposes only.   These are wonderful guitars made in The Netherlands.  Check them out at

NOTE:  Matthew is being drawn into the archtops by their huge gravitational field!

I don't you take trades?

Another look at one of Mr. Bosma's killer guitars.  A truly wonderful playing instrument.  The amp I'm playing through (not seen) is an authentic late 50's Bassman...Wow!

What mode is that, anyway?

Matthew sniffed out this herd of Les Pauls, including a '56 Junior, a '57 TV Special, a '59 Junior, and late 50's Special (Behind Matthew).  The big guy to the right is holding a killer Goldtop.  These were really nice, original guitars. 

NOTE:  That is code for expensive.

Choices, choices, choices...

Another group of nice guitars.  The Ibanez was incredibly clean.  Check out that Bigsby!

Gibson, Gibson, Gibson....all I ever hear is Gibson!

From England came this trio of Gibsons; a '56 TV Jr., a '64 Special, and a '63 Junior.  I have always liked white SGs since I saw  Buck Dharma play one in the 70's with BÍC.  The TV Jr. was pretty rough -- it had once sported twin humbuckers, and it is really tough to touch up a TV finish.

These are really something new and different.

From Ghent, Belgium came this years "Thinking Outside of the Box" Award winner.  These are Kritz guitars.  It is hard to tell from this photo, but the frets are in the shape of a "smile"!   Other innovations include a 26" scale, carbon fiber sandwich neck, and on and on.  Check them out at  I played the sunburst with the humbucker and single, and it really played great.

Do like I do?

A killer Les Paul Custom from the golden age.  This was in nice shape, and had one of those "if you have to ask" pricetags. 

Remember "Frampton Comes Alive"?  Like Wayne Campbell, I lived in the suburbs and was issued that album.  This guitar reminds me that the Frampton album still sounds pretty fresh after all of these years.  Am I daydreaming again? that Brent Mason?  Don Rich?   Yngwie?  No...just some guy doing some "chicken pickin'" on a counterfeit Tele.  But had Rio Grande pickups and a good setup.  The amp was a new Fender.  Note the enthusiasm of the guys behind me!



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