Guitar Show, December 4, 2010
Nashville, Tennessee

The GuitarAttack crew trekked to the Nashville, Tennessee Fairgrounds for a guitar show on Saturday, December 4, 2010. 

The show featured a pretty good selection of guitars and parts.  It was pretty crowded in the hall, but it was enjoyable.   No, we didn't buy any guitars, but we did find some cool pickups.


John from GuitarAttack, shown here on the right with none other than Mr. George Gruhn, Vintage Guitar Guru.  Mr. Gruhn was at the show drumming-up support for saving the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Factions in Nashville have been very aggressive in trying to redevelop the fairgrounds into "mixed use" retail and residential area.  It's proximity to downtown Nashville has made it an attractive target for years.

Mr. Gruhn was handing out flyers and was a good sport for those wanting photos.

Talk about three guitar legends from Middle Tennessee!  Well, two anyway.  From left to right:  Pat Vick, John, and Billy Dyer.  Pat and Billy were in the very cool band "Ambrose" back in the 1970s. 

I remember seeing "Ambrose" play a number of times, and I always thought they were really great.  Pat and Billy are still playing guitar, and they still frequent guitar shows in the Middle Tennessee area.

BTW -- their album is selling for big bucks on eBay!

Here is a really clean 1956 Les Paul Goldtop.  This one had a particularly clean top -- no checking or green spots.

Price tag?  Ask....

From Acme Guitars is a nice array of guitars.  A couple of nice '61/62 SG Les Pauls and two very clean '58/59 Les Paul Juniors.

There were a number of Juniors at this show, and their prices seems to have dropped considerably since the housing bubble popped.

A really pretty 1958 Strat.  The sunburst was particularly pretty - very nice three color burst -- and the case was immaculate.

One of our personal favorites, a 1957 Les Paul TV Special.

The color on this one was particularly nice, and it was very, very clean.  Oddly, $12k doesn't seem that out of line for a guitar this clean.

A 1959 and 1956 Junior.  What is really cool is that original "alligator skin" case.

Again, there were lots of Juniors at this show, and the single-cuts seemed to be selling a little cheaper than the later double-cuts.

A nice '56 Strat for $29,500...ouch.

This was a very, very clean two-color burst Strat.  It had the original case candy and the "ashtray" cover for the bridge.

An unbelievably clean '55 Les Paul Custom.  It looked like a Historic Reissue.  Supposedly this was under the bed for a long, long time.

Get out there and start looking!



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