Carl Verheyen Clinic and Concert
    July 5, 2000 in Viersen, Germany

Talk about good luck!  LA session guru and guitar monster Carl Verheyen came to Viersen, Germany for a clinic and a concert.   Hosted by Tommy Metz at Tommy's Guitar Shop in Viersen, Carl Verheyen put on a killer show!  Oh by the way -- Viersen is only about 15 minutes driving time from my house!

The clinic started at 5:30 pm, and Carl played and gave great tips until about 6:45 pm.  Click here for notes on the clinic.

The concert was held at Wagnerhaus which is about a 10 minute drive from Tommy's shop.  A great show with killer sound, it was a true treat!  I have to say the Carl Verheyen is likely the finest guitarist I've ever seen in concert.   His ability to execute extremely complicated and beautiful passages was just mind-boggling.  More Eric Johnson-like than another Yngwie clone, Carl Verheyen has a great, jazz-influenced blues style.  It is no wonder that he is a session ace in LA.   Click here to see his personal web site.

Check out the photos below.  As I've said before I am really enjoying the European guitar scene.  Thanks for stopping by GuitarAttackers! 

Tommy's Guitar Shop Tommy's shop in downtown Viersen, Germany.  I am lucky to have a shop this cool within easy, Saturday- morning driving distance.

Carl Verheyen said the shop had "soul"...I agree!

I can't resist Les Pauls, and here are two fine examples seen in Tommy's shop.  The flametop is a '59 Historic Reissue, and the Custom is a '54 Historic Reissue.  Whew...these things wear me out!

Do you guys take trades?

Hearing protection required!

These are a couple of Tommy's Custom guitars.  They are both awesome.  The Strat on the left has the finest Lake Placid Blue finish I've ever seen.  The Tele on the right weighs about 3 pounds, and has a beautiful swamp ash body.  Tommy makes a number of custom designs -- check back for photos.

These guitars are very reasonably priced for custom jobs.  They feature pickups by Larry Pollock.


John's a great player.... ..his arpeggios are the best... sure you check out GuitarAttack!
Carl Verheyen giving guidance to the crowd at Tommy's shop.  He took the Lake Placid Blue Strat directly off of the wall and started jamming.  Awesome!  These were the only three good photos I got -- I spent the rest of the time shaking my head and wringing my hands.  This guy is really awesome.

Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene...

The fellow on the left is Harry, and he works for Tommy.  The guy on the right is one of the best singers I've ever heard!  These two guys did an acoustic set before Carl came on, and they were just awesome.   Singing in English, they did an incredible variety of songs, and they were all performed in a professional manner.

Great job, guys. Very impressive.

Carl's amps for the night.  The one on the left is a Peavey, while the one on the right is a Fender.  These amps sounded great.  It is my understanding that he used one for clean tone and one for distortion.  He stated during the clinic that he didn't like channel-switching amps.

The Strat-like guitar is another one of Tommy's.

Cocked and Loaded
Wagnerhaus rocks! A great stage in Viersen.  The venue was the Wagnerhaus, and it was really great.  The big Peavey PA system sounded wonderful, and the mix was great.
Mr. Verheyen "letting it go".  The same Strat, with plenty of volume.

Tone guys, take note:  His pedal board fried right before the last song.  After fiddling with it for a few minutes, he plugged directly into the Peavey amp, and kept playing.  His tone was awesome, and he never missed a beat. 

Carl and band jamming!



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