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From J. Collin Wynne

An SAGA Thinline T-Style Saga

After building a Saga TC-10 T-style… the TT-10 kit caught my eye. a Thinline Classic with a Semi-Hollow body.

I ordered the kit from and got it rather quickly. This guitar is much easier to put together if you strictly look at hardware. The Pickguard was already wired with both humbuckers already bolted onto the guard. You basically had to attach the ground wire and the port… That is it. Easy…

All the parts were there, ready to go.

The initial decision was to have a Thinline T-Style with a Stained body. A dark stain with lacquer to seal it in. So, I found a Sedonia Red stain from minwax (Walmart) and gave it a rub down with sandpaper to get the surface ready to accept the stain. Oddly enough, when I stained it, the Dark Reddish stain came out very light. Either I did not sand it enough or the grit was too fine. Not sure. I decided to stick with it and sprayed my lacquer coating and basically out the guitar together afterwards.


Just looking at it assembled, I was disappointed. The neck was maple (Which was unfinished) with a slightly different color wood body. I was Blah if anything. I got a lot of complements, but I just did not like it. The Pearloid Pickguard just did not pop against the light stain.

So, after researching paints… I found the Krylon makes a paint for glass. Designed to simulate stained glass. Basically it was translucent paint. I found this paint at Michaels Hobby store… Bought red and when home and disassembled the guitar.

In the photo you can see my adding the red over the stained guitar… I did sand it a bit before painting it, but not all that much. I also got a paint marker and I lined the "F" hole inside with white (I saw that online… thought it was a good idea).


It is darker than I thought, but the wood does shows throughout and it looks pretty good. I bought a spray can of Poly (Minwax again) and starting coating the guitar… After about 3 coats (3-4 hours wait in between) and letting it sit overnight. It dried nicely. Turtle wax and then I reassembled it.

Gorgeous. I love it. I put it together and did the following:

-Sanded the nut on the bottom significantly. I noticed the last kit had a cheap nut which was way to high which I files the slots. This time I sanded the bottom which came out way better.


-Adjusted the truss… About 4 turns did it. All I had at this point were some dead frets towards the top of the neck.

-Set intonation and raised the bridge ever so slightly to remove the dead frets.

Plays Beautifully. I may have a new favorite guitar. Both of my Saga guitars came out better than I could imagine.

Here is all of the pictures of the process…

The Original TC-10 Link:

Thinking of building a Bass next!

Collin Wynne - Lafayette, Louisiana

Great job, Collin -- Thanks for the links to the cool photos!


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