Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a great story.  Lots of great techniques and upgrades.

From Collin Wynne

Saga ST-10

I built a TT-10 and TC-10 and decided it is time to have a S-Style. Got the ST-10 Kit and decided to give it some flare unlike my other creations which were great, but simple. I got onto Ebay and ordered several Gold plated parts which took a bit of time to come in, but was worth the wait. Got me a Black Pearloid Pickguard as well.

The first Gold item I got in was my tuners which worked out well since I cut my headstock already (I decided on a pattern I got from drawing a couple out by had and then cut and sanded it).

I had to bore out the holes on the headstock to fit the new tuners, but out them all on. I over-tightened the bushing on the B string and broke it, but glued it and it seems good. Set my logo I used on my other two kits and named it the "Goldcaster"


Here are the parts I used that were not from the kit: Tuners, JackPlate, Bridge Assembly, Pickguard, Screws for Pickguard, Nut, and Strap Knobs. First thing was to move the pickups to the Pearloid Pickguard.  Relatively easy. When I added the bridge, I immediately found out the hole for the bridge was too small if I ever wanted to use the whammy bar. I figured I never would use it. If I want to use it, I will have to bore out that hole more. Not worth it to me. I put in the springs in the back and closed the back. On all of the four guitars I made I got my friend who is a jeweler to engraved the neckplate. I thought I would include it with this one because it is gold this time.

I changed the nut... I hate the plastic one they send.

Black Body... went to Advanced Auto and got HONDA Black and colored the body. Lacquer on top and eventually a layer of Poly. After several layers of Lacquer and Poly It hung to dry for a while. Somewhat easy... (Note:  Practice on scrap when you are using different types of paint/ coatings)

All in all, it looks very flashy. Which is what I was going for. I even out a serial number on the back of it (which I did for the other three as well... "LA" is for Louisiana, where it was built).

I may save this one for outside shows so the gold and reflect the sunlight!

If you don't mind, you can put the link to my Picasa page which has all of these builds in detail.

Collin Wynne
Lafayette, Louisiana
Great job, Collin -- Nice color combination!

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