From GuitarAttack: -- Very cool color and "Kill Switch"

My birthday was coming and I knew I wanted a Stratocaster. I have a Telecaster but I wanted the tremolo with the whammy. Looking at Strats was hard because the price versus the quality came into play.

My father built a guitar and I wanted to do the same. One day I came across the Saga guitars and bought one.  During the wait for it to arrive, I started to design some paint jobs. I have a yellow Telecaster and a stained Gibson Melody Maker so I figured that I would do something that was original.  When I was photo shopping it I was upside down, but It looked like wave too me. My friends disagreed but they liked the look!  The photo to the right is a representation of what I wanted the guitar to look like.

The guitar picture became the guide for the painter.  A family friend owns a auto body workshop and he agreed to paint the guitar.  They put 6 coats of primer on the guitar before it was painted. They made the blue paint darker than the original concept, but they added metal flake.

While the guitar was being painted I had another idea.  I love the way that Buckethead and Tom Morello use their guitars with kill switches.  I went to Radio Shack and bought a switch that was “normally off”.  Many internet sources say that Buckethead uses the same one.  I drilled a big hole into the guitar and then the pick guard. Then connecting the holes with a angled drill. The switch had to be wired to the signal cable and the ground.

Well, that is my guitar, I hope you enjoy it. I still have some work to do on it, and would like to replace the pickups.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at

Note from GuitarAttack:  After looking at this guitar, the paint is really cool.  Check out how the white paint makes the pickguard look really is great illusion!


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