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My name is Brad Smith. This was my first build from a kit. I was pleased with the sound right out of the box before any finishing was done at all. I highly recommend assembling the kit prior to finishing to note and fix any problems before the finish is applied. I decided to change out the tuners because of their low quality for some of MUCH better quality. Everything else is stock.

I shaped the headstock with a jigsaw with a coarse blade, then sanded to get the final shape. I sanded the rest of the neck because there was a thin sealer of some sort on it.  I wanted it all to be uniform. I did nothing to the neck other than spraying it with satin clear lacquer from ReRanch.  I applied some WATCO Danish Oil to the rosewood fingerboard to darken it a little as well as to give it a little shine. It was rather 'light' as is.

The body was sprayed with ReRanch's butterscotch lacquer. I wanted a more vibrant color, and a less see through finish because the 4-piece body was less than stunning, so I emptied the entire can on it.

It was then lightly sanded with 800 grit sandpaper, and coated with the same satin lacquer as used on the neck. I let it dry for two (long) weeks, then wet sanded with 800, 1000, 1500, and 2000 grits. I then used a rubbing compound and polishing compound to finish it off.

Next I wired the electronics, removed the quick connectors and soldered directly to each other complete with the heat shrink tubing.

I put it all back together and it looks and plays great! Thanks for a great site, keep up the good work!




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