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I purchased one of the LP style Saga’s at Christmas to put together. The overall quality of the guitar was good. I did a little work on the neck socket to balance out the neck, but other than that everything fit fine.

Though the pickups and accessories were of okay quality, I decided to upgrade the entire lot. I installed all cream and gold accoutrements and upgraded the electronics by swapping out the harness with better shielded wire, put in a pair of Mighty Mite Motherbuckers and tied it all together with Gibson pots that I acquired years ago. I also shielded the electronics and pick-up area with copper foil and added ivory tuners.

I really got a kick out of finishing the guitar. I used custom tinted Ultra7000 acrylic automotive lacquer for the base and final coats, which I applied with a spray-gun. All-in-all, I put on 20+ coats of Royal Gold, Burgundy and then followed it up with 10 coats of clear.

For the playing card design, I scanned a Royal Flush from a deck of cards at 600 DPI. I then printed out a number of layouts on overhead transparency film to verify positioning. Once I had a layout I liked I took my scanned artwork and did a color separation in Adobe Photoshop. I then took the separations to a local Tee-shirt shop and had them make me a series of silk-screens, which I later mounted into frames.

To apply the silk-screened image of the playing cards perfectly aligned on the guitar I had to build a little rig on hinges. This aloud me to align the silk-screen registry marks up and “print” the full color image of the cards on the guitar body. I used water based acrylic paints for my “ink”. Once dry, I applied an additional 10 coats of clear.

The guitar was buffed out with a low abrasive rubbing compound and then polished
with a wax base furniture polish.

I am pleased with the outcome. I have had several offers for the guitar since completing it. It feels solid. The action is great and the sound is amazing.

In hind-sight, it would have been cheaper for me to purchase a mid-range Epiphone LP and simply stripped it down, add the Motherbuckers and painted it. The Saga was a heck of a lot of fun though to put together.

-Sean Bumstead



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