From GuitarAttack: -- Three Points -- Great photo of John that "The Sands of Iwo Jima"?  Second, the pickguard is killer.  The orange really fits the black -- we wouldn't have thought of it. Finally, the reflective numbers and letters are a nice touch.  We wouldn't have tried it -- good job.


Here is my Flat Black T-Style

After being involved in a motorcycle accident right before Christmas I found myself with some time on my hands. My local music store had the T-Style kit sitting around so I picked up it up so I would have something to do.

Everything on this guitar is what came in the kit. For the finish I used (DupliColor) acrylic lacquer from AutoZone. I sprayed a couple coats of black base then I sprayed 3 coats of clear. I let the clear cure for a couple days then I used #000 steel wool to take the sheen off of the clear.

Its not a true flat black finish but It looks surprisingly well and has a very "familiar" feel to it when it is in your hands. As far as playability goes it is as good as any import Tele I have played. My only complaint is the neck pickup seems a little muddy and lacks the snap I've heard in other Telecasters. Overall a definite bargain for the money and I am planning on building one of the Saga Strat kits very soon.

Hope you enjoy
Bodie R



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