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I saw your web-page about a month ago, and I decided to post you some pics about my KIT guitar. I hope you will like it and put it up to (Sorry for the low quality of the first two pics.) It is not a Saga guitar but an AXL kit which is about the same price and quality I think.

This is the only DIY-KIT that is on the market here in Hungary.  On the first pic you can see that I have sanded down the sealer from the top. This was needed because I wanted to dye it with green dye.

After dying the top I have applied the matte black paint using the "poor boys sunburst" technique which I learned from one of the guitar-builder websites.

I have left it to dry for a day then I have applied about 4 coats of clear nitro lacquer. I have waited 1 day between each coat and let it dry for two weeks before final polishing.

The polishing process: sanded with wet 800 paper then with wet 2000 sandpaper and after it I used a polishing machine with polishing paste.

Meanwhile I have shaped the head using a saw and a file.  Printed some labels for the head with an ink jet printer and some tattoo foil. After applying the labels I have clear coated the head with nitro, but the nitro-lacquer solved the foil, so I had to remove them and after relabeling the head I have lacquered it with a coat of acrylic lacquer.

The original machine heads were very low quality so I have replaced them with a set of Dixon machine heads. Here is the final result:

I am planning to replace the neck and bridge pickups for some Shadow Twinbuckers (single sized hubuckers).   And if you ask why it is called "Neoncaster": My nick on some forums is Neonknight after my favorite Black Sabbath song.

Best Regards
Gábor Lipcsei


Thanks for the submission....keep up the great work.

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