From Mark Robinson

Hey John-

Just thought I'd share a few photos of my latest Saga, a "P" Style bass. My church band is called The Field Hands so this bass "brand" is a Fieldhand. I've sent one full pic if you want it for the web site and then there are others of the details just for your interest.

Here's a brief synopsis. I used the basic Saga body and neck. Cut the headstock with a hack saw and then filed and  sanded it. Used a work bench tool to hold my hand drill and carefully drilled the holes for a string-thru bridge. I also drilled a hole for the input in the edge of the body so there'd be no input jack on the pick guard. I ordered a pearloid pick guard from Warmoth with holes just for volume and tone pots. Got a heavy-duty bridge and a set of Kent Armstrong pick-ups from WD Music. I replaced the volume pot with a 500K pot and the tone pot now has a .047 capacitor. The Kent Armstrong pick-ups are great and with just a tweak of the tone knob, I can go from a nice mid-range smoothness to a classic growl. I lined the pick-up and control cavities with copper tape and it's extremely quiet.

I didn't go the nitro route on this one, but instead got a couple of cans of Duplicolor auto spray that is easy to apply and dries quickly. Clear-coat on top of that. A little light sanding and hand-polishing and that was it.

I'm glad to see such a variety of submissions from Saga builders. I've met Dave Slusser via email and we talk weekly.

Thanks for the site and I hope you enjoy the pics.

Happy Holidays,



Great job, Mark -- Keep up the great work!

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