Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a great looking guitar.  Check out the paint techniques.

From Edgar Nunez

Dear John,

I have included a couple of pictures of the building of a Saga LP Guitar. The building process took me a lot of time and effort, most of the time was on mistakes.

Initially I was going to paint it clear but I sanded too deep and ruined the top finish. So I decided to paint it blue using Duplicolor "Body Shop" paint, primer and clear.  The primer went fine.  However, painting was more painful because every time I painted the result felt rough like snake skin.  When I sanded something went wrong like sanding too much, or went to the wood on the corner. This happened a couple times.

After researching I painted the first pass as if I was dusting, then more wet then a couple of wet passes. I sanded and applied the clear and using the medium and fine polishing compounds from StewMac the results came as I wanted.

For the headstock inlay I used acrylic used for nails. For the final assembly I used the pickups that came with the kit.  I got a wiring kit, Les Trem and bridge from StewMac. The only major problem I had was adjusting the neck with shims on a trial and error approach until I got almost right.  This took some time!

I'm happy with the sound and proud of my first build.  I will be replacing the pickups with some p-rails in the future, but in the meantime I will be playing it every day.

Note:  The paint referred to is not in a spray can.  It is available at AutoZone and similar car stores.  You can use this paint with PreVal sprayers available at HomeDepot.  It is thinned and ready to spray.

Great job, Edgar -- How about some sound clips?

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