Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a great story.  Lots of great techniques, even if it isn't a real Saga.  The car is very cool -- dig those Torque Thrusts!

From Eddie Wellman

An UN-SAGA S-Style

Dear GuitarAttack -

 I did a tribute to one of my old hot rods, a 1956 Chevy. Here is the saga of this guitar. As you know I bought this body in bare wood. It was cut back in the 80's. There must be something down in the wood that keeps on messing with paint. I have use everything I can think of to seal it. I tried to use poly clear over it and then tried to repaint and it did the same thing as before when I first started building this guitar. The paint won't dry it gets real gummy.

So once again I stripped it. I didn't know If I should give up on it and use as a test body to try out some of my ideas of paint graphics or just give up on it. The other thing it started to do was where two of the pieces of wood were glued together it was starting to crack. Well, I was in a mood and my wife said to me, "Why don't you pint it like that old car you had?" I had to ask which one because I have had a lot of hot rods and customs. She reminded me of the 56 Chevy. What is funny about this guitar and this 56 Chevy was I had some of the same problems with the paint on it.

So I did to the guitar body what I did with the old hot rod. I used primer then clear coated over it. It worked. I did use that speck tone (sparkle paint) over the paint just to give it a little more Kick. Now call this guitar Lethal Threat.

As you can see I made a few changes on it. I put in some new cream and black pickups in it and one of the things you can't see is I put in a new tone cap (yellow) this guitar always has sounded good but WOW! This guitar so far is living up to it's new name. It took me a while to do the repaint mostly because I was losing interest in it.  But I stuck it out and now I have a real cool guitar again. I just hate to give up on any guitar. I was the same way when I built cars. I would drag them home and not give up on them till they were cool rides. Thanks again for everything you done and keep up the good work on Guitar Attack!

Eddie Wellman


Cool Guitar, and Cool Car!  Rock on!

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