Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a great story.  Lots of great techniques and a Kill Switch!

From Toan Chung


My name's Toan and I'm now entering my third year of Dental School. I came across your website about 2 years ago and became really inspired by your Saga Sagas (especially your S-Style projects). I wanted a new guitar will all the bells and whistles, but I couldn't go out and buy something expensive. So began my saga. I used my dental skills to cut and shape many parts of the guitar with a Dremel tool (an awesome investment for about $35 at Home Depot. Don't get a dinky wireless one that will not do the job.)

I bought the guitar kit from ebay for $70, because someone started their project with a terrible paint job and didn't want to finish. I stripped the paint and started anew. Living in New York, it was hard to find a workspace to paint, so I used my fire escape. I started with the complete red and used 3m blue painters tape and some twine for the stripes. The paint I used were just spray paints that I found at a hardware store.

I came across many frustrations with the paint due to my impatience. There were points where there were drips and orange peels. I mostly tried to sandpaper the areas or touched them up. I used a clear gloss aerosol lacquer. I didn't know about how to shine and buffer at this point so it's still a matte type of finish. I will eventually add a black paint to current paint job. Hooray, I have a new Strat!

Since then I've started many guitar projects including hot rodding that acoustic guitar with a piezo, a P90, and a preamp. I also did some heavy upgrading for a modest amount of money to my Saga Strat.  I added Schaller tuners, Lace Sensor singles, a Guitar Fetish lil killer humbucker, a push pull Coil tap, a new 5 way switch, a Floyd Rose bridge, Straplocks, and a kill switch (due to Buckethead and Tom Morello influence). I also cut the pickguard out of a piece of red see-through acrylic.

The only original thing left is the guitar body, neck, and output jack. This whole project cost $450 and I used the other parts to fix other guitar projects. The tone and playability of the guitar is beautiful.

I will continue with the saga and many new sagas. Thank you Guitar Attack for kickstarting my new habit!

Great job, Toan -- This stuff is habit forming!

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