Note from GuitarAttack:  I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a great-looking guitar.  Killer paint job that probably looks great on stage!

From Rick Fisher

My Saga Saga!

Hello GuitarAttack!
I learned a ton from the site so I thought I should send you some pictures of mine. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the finished product (well 99% finished).

It was my second attempt. I completely finished the LP style with wood stain, but as I read I did not sand the sealer enough and the stain looked horrible. I sanded the entire thing down again and this time painted it with an interesting kit from Duplicolor called Mystify sold here in Canada by Canadian Tire. each kit (I used 3) consisted of a black primer, colour coat and a clear coat. I also used 2 extra cans of clear coat before the final sanding and good old Turtle Wax.. The colour is called Ice and is supposed to have a colour change depending on the light and angle it is viewed at. I am quite pleased with the product and the colour shift is very nice. It may be hard to notice from the pictures, but as you walk around the guitar it shifts from metallic green to a red to purple.

I purchased the LP style on Craigs List from a young guy that never got around to building it. The kit was probably 5 or six years old.

On the head stock, I named the guitar "Let it Ride" which is kind of my nick name. It was the first song I learned on the guitar many many years ago, and is still one of my favourites. (Let it Ride by Bachman Turner Overdrive/The Guess Who) Randy Bachman has always been a guitar hero of mine. Also note the serial number : 00000000001

One thing I wonder if you or anyone else can help me with. The kit had 2 steel neck plates but was missing the round cover for the back of the switch and the cover for the wiring on the back. Also the cover for the truss rod on the neck. I purchased Gibson Les Paul covers, but they didn't fit. Any suggestion where I can purchase covers that will fit or even some advice on making some. I tried reshaping the plastic Gibson covers, but I found it impossible to cut the plastic clean and keep the nice shine.

I have included a few pictures. Feel free to post them. Thanks for your great site and all the information I gleamed.

Best Regards,
Rick - Toronto


Great job, Rick -- We're looking forward to the next one!

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