From GuitarAttack: -- From the UK a very cool color and ferrules on the back!

I was looking for a simple kit as a first build project and having searched the net identified that a SAGA T- style kit seemed to match all my requirements. I found one for sale on e-bay at and received it within a few days of ordering.

For the price I paid I was really impressed with the quality of the body and the neck but decided that most of the hardware could do with an upgrade. I also wanted to string it through the body as per a standard T-style.  I ordered a replacement chrome six saddle bridge, a heavy chrome control cover plate,dome knobs, string ferules and string trees from They also supplied a pair of matched Iron Gear Pickups .

I drilled the body with a Dremel using the holes in the bridge plate as a guide. This is a bit tricky but not that difficult. With the bridge screwed in place I drilled the two holes for the top and bottom E strings all the way through the body and the remainder about halfway through. I then flipped the guitar , lined up the bridge plate over the two outside holes marked off the inner holes and drilled to meet up . This way I ensured that the spacings were even and in line on both sides. I then used an 8mm drill to widen the holes in the rear to take the ferules.

(Note:  Interesting technique on the ferrules.  Ed.)

Once this was done I sanded the body with 800 and1200 grit to prepare for paint . I wanted to use an authentic Fender colour if I could and found that Steve Robinson at carries a full range of Fender Colours in nitrocellulose laquer as well as primer and clearcoat although I guess I may use standard auto repair primer and clearcoat next time. ( Steve's site is already featured in your pages giving a good build overview ). Because of airfreight constraints I couldn't obtain supplies from Stewmac or Reranch in the USA. I gave the body four coats of white primer, five coats of Fender Daphne Blue Lacquer and 5 coats of clear, sanding with wet 800 and 1200 grit between coats . I then left the clear to harden for four or five days before finishing with 1200 grit and finally auto rubbing compound . A final polish with MER auto polish left a hard, smooth factory finish.

A search on the net turned up a cad drawing of a Telecaster headstock which I sized to line up with the holes in the peghead and it was simple to cut with a Jig saw and sand with the Dremel. The fretboard was masked and neck was sanded and given five coats of clear and finished in the same way as the body and I also managed to find some decals which were added or decoration.

Assembly was pretty simple. I used the Saga pots, three way switch and wiring and simply connected in the Iron Gear Pickups in place of ones in the kit. Better quality knobs and a heavier chrome control cover plate added to the finish.
Before attaching the neck I got hold of some Wilkinson 'Grover' style tuners from I had to widen the peg holes using a reamer but this wasn't a problem and I also added two roller string trees.

The neck was then screwed in place and as a final touch I added a pearl Tele Pickguard which I got from One set of Ernie Ball Slinkies later I was ready for setup. This proved much easier than I expected and I used the great advice under ' resources' on The Fender UK site. I didn't need to adjust the neck or alter the nut and once the pick up height and the string lengths were set I had a great sounding guitar with no flat spots or fret buzz. It sounds great both clean and driven and looks worth much more than I paid. Much of the fun has been in finding the bits and putting them together and I am now looking forward to my next project.


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