Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a good one.  Interesting -- he tinted the Minwax Poly with Colortone (TransTint) colors.  This is a good option for you first-time builders out there.  Also, don't build a copy -- make the guitar your own!  A good place to start is the headstock decal.

From Bill Harbour


I recently built a Saga LJ-10 Les Paul Jr kit and am very pleased. This is my first kit build, but I've been building scratch built guitars for several years.

My scratch building experience probably helped me a little, but this kit can be built by anyone. There are several forums out there for builders and reviewing some of the post will help a first time builder greatly....especially when doing the finish.

The kit went together beautifully. I was very happy to find that the neck pocket was cut properly and the neck alignment was very good. As others have posted, the bridge post were a little loose fitting on the unfinished body. But once the finish was applied, the post were good and tight.

You will have to shim the neck to get the action down low enough. This is because the floor of the neck pocket is cut parallel with the top and bottom of the body. I folded a business card in two and that was enough. Neck scale is 24.75"

I leveled and crowned the frets and had to cut the nut slots a little deeper. The thing plays like butter.

Hardware is decent enough. I'll likely replace that bridge first. Great single coil tones from the pickup.

The body and neck alone in my opinion, would be worth the money. I finished the body in root beer shaded wipe-on Minwax oil-based poly for the finish tinted with Stewmac Colortone brown. The decal was Testors decal paper through a laser printer.  Finish on the neck is Tru Oil.

Really loved the figuring on the maple neck. Fretboard is either baked maple or rosewood.


Bill Harbour
Mobile, AL


Great job, Bill -- Love the finish!

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