Note from GuitarAttack:  This is the first LP-Jr. style Saga we've seen.  Some good lessons learned -- make sure you check the "Before Saga" tips before you start!

A Saga LP Junior Style

From Jason Rones

I am enjoying my Saga LP Junior

It went together easily, but I'll just say a few things about the build process.

 I originally wanted to stain and burst the guitar, but the guitar was completely sealed so I chose to spray it with acrylic lacquer (Rust-o-leum) then I clear coated it with the crystal clear (also rust-o-leum). I let it cure for 72 hours.

I was worried that wasn't enough time, but I was way too impatient. Anyways the finish still looks great so I guess it was enough time. Then I put her together. Everything went together fine except the bridge posts are somewhat loose in the holes. Nothing too serious though.

Final thoughts: hard to figure out which screws go where. Also, the bridge is way too tall so the action is crazy high. I'll have to get a smaller bridge and better tuners but otherwise she's almost gig ready!



We wrote back --

If the action is really high you probably need to put a shim under the neck to change the neck angle. This is pretty common with Sagas. I use either masking tape or a piece of business card to bring the very end of the neck --22nd fret - up so the strings aren't a foot off the neck.

Jason then wrote back --

John, you may have just saved me $100. Thanks!

Make sure you read about setups and intonation on the Repair Techniques Page.

Great job, Jason -- Thanks for the Junior!

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