Note from GuitarAttack:  Very cool inlays and a nice, basic color scheme.  Great work!


A Saga Flying V

Hello Guitar Attack,

This is the first guitar I've ever built. A friend of mine has a home-built T-Style so I looked at building a guitar myself too. The Saga kit is very good for the inexperienced guitar builder.

I did some serious research on the internet on guitar paint and lacquer. I bought spray cans with black paint at a local store and painted about four layers.

Using spray cans with clear lacquer, I sprayed some 15 to 20 layers on successive days (2 layers in the morning and two layers in the late afternoon).

Although many people say the painting and lacquering is best done with the guitar hanging vertically, I find that spraying the guitar horizontally is better to prevent drips but it takes more time because you have to turn the guitar over.  The hardest part was actually letting the guitar alone for two weeks to harden the lacquer.

After final sanding (1200 and 1500 wet sand paper) and polishing, the guitar got a nice shiny surface (it's not really a mirror but it's OK).

Final assembly of the guitar is rather straight forward, the only problem was that one wire in the circuit was not connected so I had to solder that while the circuit was already grounded to the bridge.  So far I didn't have to adjust the neck, the intonation of the guitar was almost perfect and the frets are OK.

I got the star shaped stickers for the neck from They were shipped to the Netherlands within a week!  The guitar plays unexpectedly well (actually I thought that a 165 guitar would be terrible but it plays just a good as my Gibson LP and SG).

My daughter is now the proud owner of a Flying V!

Gern Huijberts,
the Netherlands

Great job!  Our First V!

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