Note from GuitarAttack:  Very cool dark sunburst

From Andrew


I suggested to my Dad that we make an electric guitar over the summer. He has always wanted a Les Paul, and since the Saga Kits were so affordable he went for the idea.

We got some help from a guitar-making friend with the paint process. He lent us all the supplies and a place to work for the summer. We decided on a dark cherry sunburst, so the process took a few weeks.

We laid down amber, then red mahogany, then dark mahogany around the outside edges, sides, and back. We then lacquered, lacquered, lacquered, wet sanded, lacquered, wet sanded, and lacquered over the next 2 weeks (working about a half-hour every other day). It took a long time, but the patience paid off. We were really happy with the result.

We finally brought the body home. We used Carnuba wax, a microfiber cloth, and a Ryobi buffer to apply the final wax coats. It came out shiny, smooth, and beautiful.

Now all that was left was the assembly - the easy part, right? Well, no... over the long course of painting, we lost track of the instruction manual. I was able to find some vague help on the internet, but the wiring turned out to be pretty self-explanatory. We got it working the first time, replacing only the stock strings with D'Addario strings. Everything else was out of the kit. It sounds great, looks great, and plays great.

Since we're both bass players, our next project might be a kit bass - but we may end up working from scratch, just for the challenge.


Great job, Andrew -- That is a keeper!

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