Wow - Check this out! From our friend Chris Knowles.

Hi John:

I've made some changes to my LP. I got tired of looking at the black plastic trim pieces on my guitar especially since I'd expended the effort to make the wooden pick guard.

Looking in my wood collection I found some black walnut left over from another project and proceeded to make pickup trim rings, control knobs and pickup selector switch knob and trim ring.

I do not have a lathe to make round parts, so I had to improvise using a spindle sander on my drill press and a bolt used as a centering post on the drill press table, I then gently rotated the knobs against the spindle sander until I'd reached the shape that I like. Making 4 identical knobs was challenging to say the least.

Chris Knowles

Note:  We've used our drill press in this manner before, and the key safety tip is to not use the top speed available, and to wear safety goggles!  You can also use a hand drill for this operation, but make sure it is in a vise or other stationary holder.

You can shape the knobs with cloth-backed sandpaper strips, available at Lowe's or Home Depot,  However, it does take some skill to get a nice curve on the knob like Chris'.  Great job.

The pickup rings?  Cut 'em out with a saw and start sanding!  Check out that switch tip...Cool!  You can make a maple pickguard with some veneer and some contact cement by gluing the maple onto the plastic.  However, I believe Chris' is the real deal.

By the way - black walnut is a fantastic wood, and it easy to carve and sand.


(Click to see full-size)


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