We still love "The Old Days" and we had to figure out a way to make an authentic-looking strap for our newest Striped S-Style guitar.  Here is the story.
We bought a Levy strap at GuitarCenter and it was pretty cool but didn't look authentic.  What we found is that the length of the strap was perfect but we had a lot of work to do.  Here is a shot of our guitar with the bogus strap attached.

We had to go to the local mall and went straight to the Hot Topic store.  There on the wall was a very kewl belt with three rows of studs just like the original EVH strap.

The belt was under $20 and was pretty well China.

Off to Home Depot and get some duct tape and chain.  We bought three feet of chain to cover the front and back of the strap.  This was about $10!

We already had the spring hooks on the old strap.  Find all of the stuff near the chains -- is it Row 10?

We measured the old strap and made the new strap the same length.  We needed about 13 links for the front side of the strap, and about 10 for the back side with six links of "remainder" to hang off the strap hook.

We cut the belt to length and used the links to attach the chain to the belt.  The front side had an eyelet we could use but we had to punch a side for the back side.

Once we got the strap to the proper length we taped up attachments with the gray duct tape.  Rock!

Here is a shot of the guitar with the final strap installed.  Note the hastily-applied duct tape and the coolness of the belt.  1978!

There are lots of cost-efficient ways to have some cool guitar stuff...and this is one of them!

Try something different -- it may turn out really cool!

Good luck!


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