All -- This wiring scheme flips the position of the switch on the Tele.  Rather than having it in the front, closest to the pickguard, this allows the volume knob to be closest to the pickguard.  We think this is a great idea because we like having the volume knob close while playing.  Thanks, Dave!

Disclaimer: Be careful with any mod involving a soldering iron and a cutting tool.  Complete this mod at your own risk!

From our friend Dave Slusser:

First, why did I wire this Tele this way. I wanted to see if I could! I realize it's not something that requires an Einstein, but sometimes the simplest things require the most thought. It also opens up the possibility of other " creative " wirings.

Second, Why do I like this control configuration. It's the closest thing to a standard type of layout, so it feels comfortable. Most guitars have the volume knob (s) in the front, tone knob (s) in the rear, and a pickup selector switch someplace close by where you can get to it quickly. Plus, how many custom wired Teles do you see out there ?

I'm a Ham radio operator and I've always been a bit of a wiring nut, also I saw a Saga Sagas posting by a man named Mark Robinson who built a Saga Tele in Surf Green back in March of 2006.  In his article Mark said he had someone wire his Tele " a la Fender Custom Classic."  This peaked my interest and I emailed Mark, and have since become great friends.  I asked him if he had the diagram.  He said no, so I started with the basic Fender Tele 60's wiring diagram and designed my own drawing.

Here it is. You can see in the photo above that the pickup selector switch looks slightly different than the one in the diagram, or at the Fender website --scroll down to '60s Fender Telecaster and you will find the one I used to redesign from.  I just get my switches from a different supplier, so they look different, but I assure you they are wired the same. In the diagram I didn't include the fact that both pots are 250k AUDIO taper.

Check out the diagram to the right.  Click on it to see it full size.

You will know by the A at the beginning of the rating on the back of the pot case. It will say A 250k with the Ohm symbol at the end. The capacitor you see wired between the center Tone pot lug and the bottom Volume pot lug is a .05 mf cap. A .047 will work just as well , and I believe they are easier to come buy.  I get mine at my local Radio Shack, part number 272-134. Also, the wire at the top of the diagram with the ground symbol which runs down past the plate is a wire from underneath the bridge plate that runs to the output jack. Even though the bridge pickup is grounded to the circuit through the bridge plate, you really do need this wire to make things run smoother. I guess everything else is self-explanatory.  If you have any problems or need an answer to a question, please feel free to email me at the address below.

(Note:  Here is a photo of our black T-Style with the wiring mod installed.  It works great!)

Dave Slusser


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