Again, special Thanks to Dave Slusser for providing this article.

In reference to stripping with a heat gun (we prefer the Wagner available from Lowe's)....

WOW !!!!!! I accomplished more in ten minutes with that heat gun than I did in 15 hours with the stripper, steel wool, and a scraper.

HOWEVER, as any good General will tell you.... you can't win a war without some causalities. Here's the down side as I see it. Remember that 1/16" thick coating of some kind of sanding sealer I told you about ?

Well, the heat gun ALSO began to " pop " off that coating, but NOT everywhere.  Only in various spots AND on all the edges where the Fender factory used it to get those flawlessly round corners and contours.  So now I'm stuck with trying to remove ALL that sanding sealer AND having to Bondo all the edges and hand sand to regain the contours.

Now it just looks like an unevenly stacked four layer PB&J sandwich on all the edges.  Kind of a " Saw Tooth " pattern as you look at it from the side.

But John... I gotta' tell ya', it DID come right off, and it took very little scraping.  Had it not been hot, I probably could have just brushed it off with my hand.  Anyway I better get to work. Thanks for the help. I'll keep you posted.

As I said, if it had not been hot, I probably could have just brushed it off with my hand.  I'm not sure what good these will do, but if any, I'm glad to have helped. 


Thanks again, Dave....this is some great information!


The edge photo shows little depressions to the R\Right of the rear strap button hole where the sanding sealer is gone, but the rest is still there. 

Photo of the lower right rear bout as you face it, the top rear bout actually, if you were holding the guitar correctly.  The deeper Honey, or wood colored pieces are the remaining sanding sealer. 

Inside of the " horns " You can see what a great job the heat gun did of removing all the epoxy.  It nearly " Jumped " off the wood. 

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