From GuitarAttack: -- Eddie Wellman bought this beauty on eBay, and it wasn't quite what he bargained for.  Read this on his skillful salvage job on this rig.

Hi, my name is Eddie Wellman.  This is a guitar I got off E-Bay Itís not a Saga but then again it could be.

The guitar was said to be a Mint Condition. But when I got it , it was far from being that. It says on the neck that it is a MIM Tele. But again I donít know. So when I got the guitar It had a lot of probs. It sounded real bad for one thing and after looking at it I found the bridge was on crooked and the string saddles were on backwards. It had a string-through done on it which was done bad.

After I took it all a part I found the ground wire to the bridge was not connected and the bridge pick up had only a single strain of wire hooked up to it. Plus there were some other holes drilled in to the body for the purpose of hiding the pocket were a Humbucker use to be. What this person did was put two metal brackets along side the bridge and then put these 4 big bolts that almost went through the body.

Well I have to say I just didnít know what to do with the guitar . My wife was mad at me for buying it off E-Bay I was upset for getting a Junker. So was on line one night and found the web sight ( . I got to say it was after looking at all the Sagas and other guitars that people have done that helped me to try and save this Tele. So I went to work on it.

The guitar was a butter scotch color that was one reason I bought it I liked the color. But any way I hand sanded the body down to the wood. Then I started to fill all the holes in using tooth picks in the small holes and bought a wooden dowel and use it to help fill in the holes were the messed up string troughs were. Then filling in all the dints and dings I sanded it again. I then went to the hard ware store and bought some white primer and this yellow you see it in. The color is summer squash yellow. Well, This is my first try at re-doing a guitar I had to re-do the paint about three times I kept sanding through on the edges. But when I got it to where it looked good I put a Poly clear over it. I donít think Iíll use a poly clear again it take too long to dry.

I got the flame on E-Bay. I though while I was re-doing the guitar I wanted to try something a little different. So in my past I use to build Hot Rods so I wanted it to look like a hot rod. SO I call the my Little Deuce coupe. So when I was putting it all back together I put in a new Bridge and a new pickup. Oh that was the other thing It was wired up wrong too. Well, After a long time the guitar is now a good playing and sounding guitar. I loved re-doing the guitar but now I am in to the guitar for over $600. But it was so much fun to do I went ahead and bought a LP Saga to do. When I get it done Iíll send some Pics. Of it too! Love the web sight Keep up the good work. And Like you tell people BE CAREFUL BUYING GUITARS ON E-BAY!

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