The combination of our AttackBucker  - a versatile
vintage output humbucker and a realistic, believable single coil sound.  Great for country, jazz, blues, funk, classic rock and heavy rock.

-       49.2 mm (1 15/16”) Vintage Spacing

-       Wound with custom 42 AWG wire

-       Multi-conductor lead (Humbucker/Single Coil operation)

-       Long-leg, vintage-style base

The AttackBucker was originally developed as a “brown sound”  bridge pickup for trem-equipped 25 ½” scale bolt-on neck guitars.  It has proven to be very versatile with set neck, 24¾” scale guitars like those built in Nashville.

Several years ago our Fearless Leader started playing part-time in a cover band.  He immediately expressed frustration with one of his guitars which, while it had a coil tap on the commercial PAF-clone humbucker produced by The Man, it just didn’t sound like a single coil when engaged.  The tone was very thin and unusable, and he always worries about tone.

After a number of well-made prototypes – which were failures in his mind – he had the “Eureka” moment with the AttackBucker +.   Used with a mini-switch or push-pull pot, you can access the goodness of AttackBucker tone with a helping of single coil goodness.

Our pickups are handwound and hand-assembled in Montgomery County, Tennessee, USA.  Each pickup is thoroughly tested and dipped in our custom wax formula during final assembly to eliminate squeal and microphonics.

How does it sound?

Similar to an old PAF with more scooped midrange and a more pronounced low-end.  We haven’t found a genre of music not suited for this pickup.  Everything from jazz players to Praise Band leaders to classic rockers, this has been our go-to pickup.  The single coil sound reminds us of a “Wind Cries Mary” tone when played through a clean amp, and “Spanish Castle Magic” when you crank up the rock.  There is some “Cliffs of Dover” lurking in there, too.  Put two in your guitar and access plenty of “mystery tones” when both are split and the pickup selector is in the middle.  The volume knob has a big effect on this pickup.

The AttackBucker + is the main pickup for our gig with the cover band and Kandahar Guitar Society.

Zebra coils, White Coils, short-leg base, and can be turned into a relic for an additional charge.