The 1984 is our high-output “distortion” pickup.  It was inspired by the tones of the great bands of the 1970s and 1980s. 

-       49.2 mm (1 15/16”) Vintage Spacing

-       Wound with custom 42 AWG wire

-       Two-conductor lead

-       Short-leg base

Our Fearless Leader has been making high output pickups for a while, but became dissatisfied with them during a recording session with Kandahar Guitar Society.  The pickups he had – including several made by corporate pickup makers and The Man – wound up sounding really compressed and lifeless.  Well, as the story goes, “The Quest” started to find an alternative.  He tried the “Three Letter” authentic pickup from California, several from this company, one from a website in the Far East, several from eBay, and nothing was on the mark.  After a number of prototypes, he christened his creation the “1984” in honor of a cool book, a great album, and a pretty wonderful year.

It works great with trem-equipped 25 ½” scale bolt-on neck guitars and set neck, 24¾” scale guitars like those built in Nashville.

Our pickups are handwound and hand-assembled in Montgomery County, Tennessee, USA.  Each pickup is thoroughly tested and dipped in our custom wax formula during final assembly to eliminate squeal and microphonics.

How does it sound?

To borrow the words of LTC Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, “It sounds like Victory”!  In other words, it ROCKS! 

These pickups are being used on our new Kandahar Guitar Society recording.

Zebra coils, White Coils, long-leg base, and can be turned into a relic for an additional charge.