I started GuitarAttack.com in 1998 as a creative outlet for my then-new interest in guitar building.  Over the years, I have really enjoyed the interaction between you out there, and I have made a number of great friends through the site.

However, there are those out there who just don't get it, and make life incredibly difficult.  Check out this email trail, and you'll just shake your head.

  You know those wrap around bridges you use are the worst design that could possibly be thought up.Both for sustain and tone .  Think about it.  The strings force should be directed down but those bridges want to lift it and put way too much pressure on the tuners.   A Tuneomatic is bad enough but at least you get some break angle and down force on the bridge. Those damned things are a joke.


OK...well, we sent this back...

  Adams -- I appreciate your opinions, but we have a lot of guitar experience, and we believe that we should let the tone -- not the theory -- do the talking. The wraparound bridges posses a certain quality that make a solid guitar sound really good, whether the physics support it or not. No different from folks discussing the L/C/R of a vintage PAF. We also believe that the tone of a guitar is the combination of many interrelated factors...the greatest of which is the player.


And we get back...

  You may have a lot of guitar experience but its all for nothing because you haven't learned anything from it.  The only thing the wrap around bridges are good for is reducing the parts count by one. The bridge of a guitar is probably the single most important part.  It can make an otherwise mediocre instrument sound decent.  Different fingers don't make different tone. Its in the equipment.  Get a clue.


And we replied...

  Adams -- Thanks for your opinion. It is great that you live in American and can express it. Best of luck.

And, not to be outdone, he wrote us back:

  What I said wasn't opinion but fact.  To prove my point all you have to do is take one of the guitars that you think sounds good and put a string through bridge on it. You will find a huge improvement in tone and sustain.  You'll also find an improvement in tuning stability.

Good luck to you as well. Bcool



Then we wrote back....

  I think that you are generally incorrect, but I will not question your intelligence or motives. I believe it is fine for people to have differing viewpoints, particularly on guitars.

I ask you to read my story on Dan Toler on the Play Guitar page. It pretty well sums up what I think about tone and tone related issues.


I'm not going to print his last note....it was not that interesting.

OK folks...what do you think?

First, I run this website and I don't make any money on the effort.  It is truly something I do for fun and to "give something back" to the guitar community.  Second, I don't need someone sending me hate mail about their opinions.  If there is some factual data, I am ready to be objective and let it soak in.

Finally, if you feel the need to say something dumb and get personal, start your own web site and don't bother me with it.

Good Luck.


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