October 2006...The First AttackBucker Review

When we decided to make the AttackBucker available to the GuitarAttack faithful, we knew it was cool.  However, the review we got from our friend Jim Hintzen made us proud.  Here it is, like we got it:

Hi John,

Your Pickup Saved My Guitarís Life!

I have a Custom-built Swamp Ash Dinky replica. Itís a beautiful guitar, but I could not get the sounds I wanted out of it. I had already tried three different pickups in this guitar with no luck. I had the AttackBucker in the neck slot, which sounded good. But this guitar has a massive bottom-end, and I couldnít get a clear, sharp bite out of the low-E string to save my life.

Then I tried the AttackBucker in the bridge postion. Initially, I was unsure, because itís not a high-output, and thatís what I would normally use in an 80ís type shred machine like this. But it totally brought this guitar to life. By playing with the pickup height and with the adjustment screws, I sharpened up the soggy bottom end and also got a fantastic, thick sound sound from the D, G, B, and E strings Ė something Iíve never really gotten before.

This pickup is throwing out pinch harmonics all over the place. It has a great, full-bodied tone, and itís LOUD! Through a high-gain Marshall, it leaps out at you and barks like a killer Rottweiler!  

Jim Hintzen
AttackBucker #004

P.S. According to the ancient Japanese tradition, now that you've saved my guitar's life, you are responsible for that life. To that end, I think you are now obligated to make a neck pickup for my guitar as nice as the AttackBucker. And also a really high-output version of the AB Bridge for my new Custom Lynch Bengal.

Domo Morigato, Sensei John!

Jim Hintzen

Thanks, Jim...we appreciate the kind words!

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