More on that Micro-Frets Guitar Secrets Rebuttal!

September 2003:  Here we have it...more information "out of the blue".  We got a couple of emails that clarified and strengthened Dan Electricbanjoman's position in the Micro-Frets information challenge.

Again, you be the appears that about the only information you can get on Micro-Frets is from personal accounts.  We'll continue to piece together the story!  Read on!

Note:  This note was from Dan, and was meant to clarify a portion of his original email.

Subj:Hi John Dan here
Date:9/17/03 3:02:23 PM Central Daylight Time

This you can put on the board as well.

There is something I would like to clarify, I did not realize how I misleading one of my statements was, When I said that the Signature, the Huntington, were mine, I did not mean that I was the designer of those guitars.I simply meant that those were my Favorite Microfret guitar designs, and that those were the ones I offered suggestions for change on.

I apologize for the misleading statement.

Email 2:  This appears to be from the "hippie" Dan referred to in his emails.

Subj:Gary Vs Dan,Microfret
Date:9/16/03 7:05:30 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Phil Compton)

To whom it may concern,

I use to work at MicroFrets, I was there in about 72, for about a year.  My girlfriend and I were traveling across country,working our way down the east coast, and then west to San Francisco. We both worked there at the factory.   I worked down stairs some times on the bodies, sometimes in the buffing booth. She worked up stairs as a sander.

I remember Gary.  He was a hard man to work for, he never gave anybody credit for a good job done. You offer him a suggestion for a better way to do the job you were doing, and Gary would shluff it off at the time. Tell you,   "Naw that's no good."  Then a week or so later, he would use your suggestion, but you wouldn't get credit for it.

I remember the boys up stairs would jam at lunch time, but Gary wouldn't let anybody from down stairs come up to play except Billy Boggs.  I asked Dan if I could come up & play with them one day, and he said, "Sure! come on up."  We all sat there & played & had a ball.  Gary came back from lunch and made me go back down stairs, as if I weren't good enough to be up there.

And as far as Billy Boggs playing with Chet Atkins:  He told us all down stairs that he had played with Mr. Atkins, until he hurt his thumb in a car accident and had to leave the road show.

And I remember Dan, Gary and some of the others always drawing things on paper to show each other. Well, as I said I read the story & the rebuttal, I remember Dan as a good person with a very inventive mind, who did do a lot of suggesting to Gary about the guitars, as Dan said.  They all gave suggestions to Gary about the guitars.

I remember the Mark Farner guitar.  Gary said it wasn't custom made on your board.  But I remember them making a big fuss about it cause I buffed the Vibrato & plate that went on that guitar, & they wanted it perfect.   So if it was picked off the wall as Gary says, they must have pulled it apart, to redo it.  Billy told us as well that it was being special made for him.

And Gary says he doesn't remember Dan playing with anybody.   But it was known around the Factory that Dan played with some of the country music stars of the day.  I haven't seen Gary, or Dan for many years now, but I tend to believe what Dan says more so than Gary.

Phil Compton

Subj:Re: Gary Vs Dan,Microfret
Date:9/16/03 10:04:55 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Phil Compton)

Thank you

I just sent Dan an email.  I don't know much more about the place, and can't add much more except It was an ok job, didn't pay much.  We only stayed there a year or a little less.  I worked on the ground level.  Most people there were nice.  My girlfriend got along good with the girls who were sanders up stairs. I got along well with the boys ( machinists) down stairs.

But I had long hair.  My girlfriend and I were know as hippies.  Frederick at that time was a little hick town, And I always felt like Gary was kind of a redneck.  Dan was country guitar and banjo player, but he was pretty cool, and always nice to us.  He was always busy messing with his instruments.   I've heard Frederick has grown a lot since then.

Phil Compton

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