1981 Gibson Les Paul XR-II

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:Body: Flat three-piece mahogany body with a flat 1/16" flamed maple cap, approximately 1 3/4" thick. The cavity on the upper bout is oblong, similar to the ones found on the old mid-70's "Les Paul "55". A hole is drilled for a mini-switch in the main control cavity. It has a very deep binding channel for a Les Paul. It is routed for P-90 pickups like a Les Paul 55, and is setup for a tune-a-matic/stop tailpiece bridge.  The control cavity has a date stamped in black ink:  August 10, 1981Assessment: It looks like the factory took a Les Paul '55 body, glued a maple veneer cap on it, and routed a binding channel.

Neck: The neck is 3-piece maple, probably from a Les Paul Standard. It has no serial number or "Made in USA" stamp, nor does it have a volute. The fingerboard is unbound rosewood with low, 70's style frets and dot position markers. The scale is 24 3/4". The neck's thin profile is almost exactly the same as a new Les Paul Classic.

Brief Description: I bought this guitar from a seller on eBay in December 1999.  He was the same fellow I bought the "Spare Parts" Les Paul from in the Summer of 1997.  After examining the guitar, it is pretty clear that this is of the same pedigree of the Spare Parts Les Paul.   It is actually an LP XR-II from 1981-83.

The Photo: This is how the guitar looked when I unpacked it.  Issues include:  the binding is broken by the body joint and the maple cap is broken in a number of places.  The bridge stud holes were full of wood putty -- they are now open and ready for hardware.  The headstock does not have a veneer.  It does have a strip of one with a Gibson logo on it.

So...what are you going to do now?   I love a challenge, and I plan to make this beast a goldtop.  The plan is to replace the top with a new veneer and paint it with official goldtop paint from the ReRanch.  I plan to install some P-90s with creme covers -- probably the ones taken out of my Stun SG.  I'm going to reuse the headstock MOP logo on something else.  Keep checking back.


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