These shots show the two sided tape I use to hold the template on. The tape is carpet tape I got at the hardware store. What you have to do, well, at lest for me, for the routing I had to do in steps. What I do is once I get one side of it routed I take off the template and then reset the router and start carving the rest of the way.





Here are some shots of the body after it was routed.

Here some pictures of the neck pocket and the round over done.

What I did on this guitar that I havenít done on other guitars I built was to angle the neck back.

How I did that was I took the bridge and set it on the body where it should mount, and then made a template for the neck pocket. I then put that template on the bridge so that I got the angle. I then used some wood under the template so I could clamp it all down. Then I checked everything to make sure it was all straight and then routed out the neck pocket. I have to say that I think from now on I am going to angle all my future builds. This guitar plays really good!


OKÖ the picture on the right shows how I hogged out the pickup cavity. I recommend that everyone do this before you rout out the pockets. It saves you on the router bit and it takes less time to rout. The picture on the right shows one of the templates I use to help cut the pickup pockets out. Again I use two sided carpet tape to hold the template on.







Well, here she is with all the routing done. I cut the control cavity free hand. If you try this, go slow. I first cut the depth that I want to cover to be and cut that in first. Once that is done I then cut the depth of the cavity itself. Donít forget to hog it out first. That is a lot of wood to rout out.


This is what it takes to drill out the wire channels -- a really long drill bit! One other thing I forgot to say was that to figure out where the control cavity is going to be on the back, what I do is figure out where I want the knobs, mark them out then drill all the way through the body, flip the body over and draw out the pocket.

Note:  Our technique is to take the carpet tape and stick the knobs on the guitar.  In the playing position, you can move the knobs around until you like the position.  Once they are in the right place, you can mark the spot and drill.

 Here is a shot of the tummy cut. I use my wood files to get the cut, and then sanded smooth.

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