"What?  Another "Live" EP?


Yes, a live, four-song EP.  This EP bridges the gap between ...When the End Suddenly Appears and our new studio album, due out in mid-2014.

We recorded a ten-song set in early 2013 at a pretty cool venue in Nashville -- and they wouldn't let us use the name of the place without paying them...no kidding.  It doesn't matter.  We had a cooperative crowd and an expensive open bar.  It was worth it -- We always liked the "looseness" of live albums, and there is just something about being in front of a live crowd that is preferable to doing 50 takes of a chorus in a studio setting!


Don't worry about the recording process -- it was pretty standard and there was very little mastering done to the original tracks.  Amps were Marshall JCM-900s, JCM-900 SLXs, a couple of old JMP Plexis, and an Ampex SVT.  Drums were an old set of Ludwig Vistalites -- play 'em like Bonham -- and the guitars were AttackBucker and 1984-equipped.


There are four songs on the EP, and they are four of our favorite KGS standards.  In order, they are --


1.  One More Mile.  This was from a demo from the late 90s and it showed up on the Give War a Chance (GWAC) album from 2007.  We like to open with this one because it rocks and it has a breakdown section in the middle if we want to stretch it out.


2.  Last Days.  Also from GWAC, this is a great riff and this has a long section at the end that is perfect for some 70s-style guitar soloing.


3.  Sands of Time.  While this was on GWAC, it  was originally on the first Kandahar Guitar Society album from 2005.  This is John's favorite KGS song and is played at every KGS show.


4.  Wave Your Flag.  From the Notes album, this is a very popular song both onlne and live.  This song gets more streams than any other KGS song, so we have to play it live!  It is also really fun to play and stretch out at the end.


Why so many guitar solos?  Like my other albums, the answer is simple: Because it is a rock album and I wanted to do some guitar solos.  I believe guitar solos are cool, and some of the great 70ís soloists influenced my guitar style. I really like playing guitar. I am a guitar hoarder. I really didnít want to do another guitar instrumental album, so the song structures are vessels for the guitar solo.
Do you wanna be a rock star?  No.  I want to play music.

Any secrets? No.  Warm up for both both playing and singing and stay away from anything other than water until the show is over.

Yet another word of warning.  I do not like the "classic rock does pickup trucks and sweet tea" Bro-Country music.  I much prefer Merle Haggard and Marty Stuart.  If you like the Bourbon Street/Orlando side of Nashville, this is probably not for you.


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