Hey -- what happened to the old neck?  What was wrong with it?

Nothing was wrong with it.  We just wanted to put one of our GuitarAttack headstocks on a bolt-on neck.  We've grown accustomed to the staggered 3+3 arrangement, and we were ready to try it in maple.

Here is a shot of the headstock with the new logo decal.  The tuners are Grover mini-Rotomatics.  The neck has a 25.5" scale like a S-Style guitar, but the nut is like a Gibson.  I believe the bigger nut -- made by Tusq -- mounted directly on the maple makes a difference in sustain and tone.

The laser decal paper came from Micromark, and it really works great.

The slotted fingerboard, "Hot Rod" trussrod, and frets came from Stew-Mac, while the maple billet for the neck came from Warmoth.


Here is a shot of the entire guitar with the new neck.  Note the squared-off fingerboard by the neck pickup.  The mother-of-pearl dots turned out to be very pretty against the fingerboard.

The shape of the back of the neck is a hybrid between my Spare Parts Les Paul and a particularly good playing Indonesian import Strat knockoff we found by mistake.  It isn't a baseball bat, and it feels very similar to a Les Paul Classic.  We finished the neck with nitro lacquer, and buffed it to a high shine.

While this isn't scientific, I believe the guitar has more sustain with the new neck.  Killer!

The guitar finally looks like we wanted it to, and we are ready to go into production.  More to follow, but the alder bodies really make a nice guitar.


Well, we've done about enough to this prototype guitar....time to start another one!



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