The Longbow at Texas Stadium, May 8, 1999

The Collossus! I snapped this shot from the Longbow's front seat while we were starting our approach trying to figure out where to land.  The goal was to get the Longbow on the ground near that green and white tent (upper left side) without "blowing stuff" everywhere."  Sadly it didn't work -- the big Boeing helicopter made a mess, but the Boy Scouts recovered nicely.

Note: There are many legends as to why the hole was left in the roof!  I'd like to hear from you.

Careful son...I've got to have her back by midnight. The event was the annual Boy Scout Show, and we had a huge number of visitors.  I snapped this shot to prove that we'd actually landed near the stadium.  What you don't see is the ring of huge wires around the stadium.   Scary!
Please rise and remove your caps. Even if you're not a Cowboy fan, you can't help but be intimidated by this scene.  We walked in an were greeted by this surrealistic view...

It reminded me of a better time when giants like Staubach roamed these environs...

Note:  I am receiving no advertising revenue from the Miller Brewing Company.

Cowboy Wannabee...  

Me in the end zone, thinking how I should have concentrated on sports instead of guitar....NOT! 

We always wore our cav hats during static displays.  They were always good ice breakers.  Dig the cool then-new Nomex Aviation BDU flight suit. 

By the way --  never miss the opportunity to take a classic "I was there" photo.

I...AM...THE...GREATEST! CW3 Hampton, a great, great American, flew with me to Dallas.  He is a big Cowboy fan (or was then...) and was literally speechless when we took the field.

His famous words were, "Please make sure I get a copy of that disk!"

Note:  Young was a Sony digital camera with a 3.5" floppy drive.

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